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Self Funders.


Our support is available to individuals who self-fund their care. As a self-funder you may require support with:

  • Recruiting Personal Assistants
  • Calculating the cost of your support
  • Upholding your responsibilities as an employer e.g. issuing Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions to employees
  • Making the most of your support package and reducing costs where possible

We provide all of the above support and more, the cost of this support is indicated on our price list (link). We can also provide bespoke support to self-funders, for example we have helped individuals recruit Personal Assistants/ Carers to accompany them on holiday. If you are currently thinking about self-funding your care package and you are unsure of what is involved and the associated costs, contact us for a consultation over the phone and we can help with this.

Alternatively, if you are a Personal Budget holder and you would like additional support which you are willing to self-fund, we offer advice and support with this.

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