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Personal Budgets.

About Personal Budgets

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation focuses on helping individuals to live independently allowing them choice and control over their lives and putting them in charge of their care.

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is social care funding from the Local Authority which can be spent to meet an individual’s needs in the way they choose. Personal Budgets allow individuals to receive money from the Local Authority to pay for care and support they have identified as right for them.

How do I get a Personal Budget?

The Local Authority carries out an assessment to decide whether an individual is eligible for a Personal Budget. To find out if you or somebody you know is entitled to a Personal Budget contact Derby City Council Adult Social Services on 01332 293111 (Derby City residents)

A Care Manager will complete an assessment covering 10 domains e.g. eating and drinking, making decisions and organising my life, and accessing the community. This assessment will decide whether or not an individual is entitled to this source of funding; Derby City Council award Personal Budgets to those who are assessed as having ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ need in any of the assessed areas of everyday living.

Following this assessment the individual is awarded an Indicative Personal Budget, a figure of money which should meet the needs identified in the assessment. The individual must complete a Support Plan detailing how they would like to spend the money which has been provisionally awarded to them, how this support will meet their needs, and a detailed breakdown of the costs of the chosen support. For more information on this, see the ‘Support Plan’ section or click here.

What Can I Spend my Personal Budget on?

Personal Budgets can be spent flexibly to meet your needs; here is an example of how some Personal Budget Holders in Derby spent their money (Bar Chart / link)

Bar Chart

This bar chart details the way people spent their Personal Budget as proposed in their support plan. This data is drawn from 261 support plans that were completed by Disability Direct from January 2011 to June 2013.

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