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Our Services.

Our Services

Free Support Planning Service

Blue Sky Brokers offers Derby City Council residents a free* support planning service.

Although Blue Sky Brokers came into existence in 2013, the team’s Independent Living Advisors have extensive support planning experience, having completed in excess of 400 support plans for Direct Payments holders and Personal Budget holders.

We offer a free* support planning service to Derby City Council residents because we feel strongly about enabling Disabled people to be independent which can be achieved through effective support planning.

Included in our service

A member of staff from Blue Sky Brokers will visit you at home or arrange a meeting at our Offices to:

  • Get to know you
  • Offer information and guidance regarding the support planning process and answer questions you may have
  • Find out how you would like to be supported
  • Suggest different support options if you are unaware of the types support available and the ways to spend your money
  • Help calculate the cost of your chosen support
  • Submit the support plan on your behalf to your Care Manager

Having completed over 400 plans and with several years’ experience of support planning for Direct Payments and Personal Budgets we have the knowledge and skills to make the support planning process as straight forward as possible for you. We have extensive knowledge regarding becoming an employer and employing your own Personal Assistants; as well as calculating the costs associated with this type of support we can also advise on responsibilities as an employer and the necessary legal requirements e.g. a Contract of Employment.

How to access the Free Support Planning Service

Receiving our help to complete your Support Plan is simple; your Care Manager will need to make a referral to Blue Sky Brokers on your behalf. We will then contact you to start the support planning process.

*terms and conditions for free support planning service:

  • Derby City residents only
  • Free Support Planning capped at 10 hours
  • Amendments chargeable at a rate of £10.00 per hour
  • This service is only free where the support plan is not part-complete, an OBSA and RAS is provided, services have not already been determined, and the Support Plan is going to be presented to panel.

Support with Managing your Personal Budget

Once you have been awarded your Personal Budget we provide practical support to manage your Budget such as recruiting Personal Assistants, resolving employment issues, completing local authority monitoring forms and more.

For a list of support available and the associated costs (link to price list)

Why this support is essential

When using your Personal Budget to employ Personal Assistants it is essential to uphold your responsibilities as an employer. To act in line with employment law contracts of employment, job description and disciplinary and grievance procedures should be issued within 8 weeks of an employee commencing work. Other things to think about when employing Personal Assistants is understanding the terms and conditions of the employment contract, which can help avoid issues which arise from not being aware of, or misunderstanding the terms and conditions of the contract.

It is also necessary for Personal Budget recipients to meet the requirements set by the Local Authorities; often records of expenditure and proof of bank statements for Personal Budget accounts are requested by Local Authorities, for individuals who are not able to complete these forms independently we can provide support in this area.

As indicated by our price list, we offer a wide range of support to individuals to help manage their Personal Budget, we can offer comprehensive packages of support, such as yearly Personal Budget support, or we can provide more itemised support which is specific to you.

Areas we work in

We provide community-based Personal Budget Support in the Derby City area; we can also provide this support in Derbyshire and Nottingham where possible. Independent Living Advisors are available to visit you at home to provide Personal Budget support, or meetings can be held at our offices if you prefer.

Nationally we are able to provide Personal Budget support via telephone/post, for example if you need a Contract of Employment or Job Description we can complete work on this over the phone and send documents via the post. We can also offer employment advice over the telephone, as indicated on our price list. (Link to national marketing leaflet)

Price List for Derby City Clients (as of 14th January 2019)

Employment Support  £10.00 per month
Managed Account £94.44 per year
Payroll (weekly) up to 4 employees  £334.56 per year
Payroll (fortnightly) up to 4 employees  £251.06 per year
Payroll (4-weekly) up to 4 employees  £172.80 per year
Payroll (Monthly) up to 4 employees  £164.70 per year
Additional Employees  £2.00 per employee per run
Pension Auto Enrolment Annual Fee (max of 5 employees)  £30.00 per year
Pension Auto Enrolment Set up Fee £5.00 one off

All prices are correct as of January 14th 2019  – please do not hesitate to give us a call for our prices in Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nationally.


Looking for a Personal Assistant or wanting to register to become a Personal Assistant?

A free online register is available on the Derby City Council website where you can either find a suitable Personal Assistant or register to become one  by simply following this link –

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