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About Us.

Disability Direct is a Charity which has been providing free information and advice to disabled people for over 20 years. For 10 years they have been providing information, advice and support to disabled people on all aspects of Direct Payments and Independent Living.

We have seen a lot of major changes in the way Social Care works and Local Authorities are now moving away from what was Direct Payments to Personal Budgets. This move to Personal Budgets means that disabled people are being given more control over how to meet their social care needs than ever before.

One of these changes includes the way you can access support to help you with all of the things Disability Direct have been providing expert advice on. In the past the Local Authority would pay Disability Direct to provide free support to disabled people. Now the Local Authority will be paying you directly and you can then spend this money on getting the support that you need.

As Disability Direct has always been about providing free information and support to Disabled People it was felt best that the Independent Living team was given its own identity; and so Blue Sky Brokers was born!!

Blue Sky Brokers is the result of thirteen years of the most experienced expert information and advice available in the field of Social Care, Direct Payments, Personalisation and employing Personal Assistants.

We are here to provide you with all the support you need to write your support plans, access funds, find and employ Personal Assistants, find suitable services, help manage your Personal Budget and much more.




“To facilitate independent living opportunities for disabled people”



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